Development of waterfronts and tourist resorts.

Development of waterfronts and
tourist resorts along the corniche

Hitec specializes in building and developing coastal fronts and beaches on the Corniche to create modern and beautiful areas that align with the developments of urban life and reflect the vision of Kuwait. The company also constructs water parks and water games,

provides entertainment and commercial services, and builds dedicated areas for sports activities. Additionally, the company excels in constructing marinas for ships and boats in marine areas and on the Corniche, as well as providing all the necessary tourism products and services.

The construction of a water Park and the development of seaside resorts on the islands.

Our partners are leaders in the field of creating water cities and building seaside resorts. They have extensive experience in executing maritime infrastructure projects, making them one of the prominent companies in this field. They have also undertaken some of the largest water city projects in Spain.

The HITEC team includes specialized engineers with high expertise who use the latest technologies and equipment to ensure project execution at the highest levels of quality and efficiency.

Thanks to our exceptional and specialized engineers in this field, HITEC provides a comprehensive solution for creating water cities and seaside resorts, starting from the planning phase through to design, construction, and operation. HITEC and its partners stand out by relying on the latest technologies and extensive knowledge in this field, making them a reliable choice for achieving sustainable success in maritime infrastructure projects.