Our Team

The HITEC Holdings team is comprised of a group of experts and experienced professionals from various fields. These team members bring together their unique skills and multiple specializations to form an outstanding team dedicated to achieving the company’s goals. What sets the company’s members apart is their presence in several countries around the world, contributing to the diversity and expansion of our business scope.

This international presence reflects our ability to work on global projects and engage with a variety of cultures and markets. The diversity of specialties and the global presence of our team enable them to adapt to challenges and provide innovative solutions to our clients worldwide.

Mohamed Thabet

COO -Chief Operating

Tariq Masud

Advisor Business Development

Dardi Sharqiri

Advisor Oil & Gas MACEDONIA

Dr. Hany Kuzma

Public Relation Manager

Mohammed Alselwi

Director of relations China

Dr. Abubaker Elayatt

Technical advisor Libya

Mohammed Jafoor

Director of relations Italy

Sam Wilson

Civil engineer Iraq

Rolf Kare Bratli

Head of Geology