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Discover HITEC Road® - The Advanced Soil Stabilization Solution

Revolutionary Strength and Durability

HITEC Road's unique crystalline structure offers over 230 MN/m² load capacity, ensuring unprecedented strength and durability.

Eco-Friendly Soil Stabilization

Environmentally sound, HITEC Road reclaims roads back to nature, stabilizing various soil types, including high-salt content.

Cost-Effective, Rapid Construction

Reduces construction time by up to 70%, significantly cutting costs with its water-resistant, maintenance-free technology.

Revolutionize Your Road Construction with HITEC Road®

Innovative Powder Additive for Superior Roads

Introducing HITEC Road®, a groundbreaking powder additive designed to transform conventional Portland cement into a formidable building material. By creating impermeable, water-resistant layers with a unique crystalline structure during cement hydration, HITEC Road® substantially increases load-bearing capacity while neutralizing pH levels. The result? Thinner, more cost-effective road bases that surpass traditional construction in quality and durability.

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Pioneering Road Construction
Since the 1950s

HITEC Road®: A Legacy of Innovation and Quality

HITEC Road®, part of a family business with deep roots dating back to the 1950s under Werklust, stands at the forefront of soil stabilization technology. Our flagship product, the HITEC Road® soil stabilizer, is acclaimed globally, particularly in Europe, for meeting the highest infrastructure construction standards (DIN – Deutsche Industrie Norm). Our expertise spans across building and repairing roads, railways, airports, housing projects, and industrial parks.

Our commitment to innovation is demonstrated in every project. We collaborate with skilled professionals and Consortium Partners, ensuring the highest level of technical expertise and global resources for successful project delivery. Our products not only make roads safer and more durable (including earthquake-proof and climate-resistant features) but also more cost-effective, reducing construction costs by about 30% and time by approximately 70%.

What sets us apart is our guarantee of durability, with up to a 10-year construction guarantee, surpassing the international standard of 3 years. Additionally, our consortium’s capability to manage project funding through esteemed international banks like Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch, and Goldman Sachs, underlines our comprehensive approach to road construction. This guarantees a seamless and reliable construction process, redefining the future of road infrastructure.


The road to more sustainable infrastructure, we can explore and build together.

Based on our family legacy in the infrastructure industry, HITEC Road® sets out to positively influence the future of Global infrastructure by means of circular innovation and collaboration.

Ankie Kamstra, CEO

About the Product

Introducing HITEC Road®: Transforming Traditional Cement into Revolutionary Roadways. This innovative powder additive seamlessly integrates with conventional Portland cement, catalyzing a dynamic process of crystalline structure formation. The result? Enhanced load-bearing capacities, balanced pH levels, and the creation of robust water-resistant layers. Embrace the efficiency of HITEC Road®, which slashes construction times by up to 70% and delivers cost savings, while elevating the quality and longevity of roads beyond conventional methods. Moreover, it excels in restoring surfaces to their pristine condition and plays a pivotal role in re-stabilizing and detoxifying contaminated soils, marking it as an environmentally conscious choice.

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HITEC Road Construction

Your Questions Answered

Find Quick Answers to Common Inquiries

Explore our frequently asked questions for insights into Hitec Roads services, project standards, and operational excellence. Get quick answers to your queries and learn more about how we lead in the construction and infrastructure industry.
  • What is HITEC road® and how does it work with Portland cement?

    HITEC road® is a powdered additive designed to enhance the properties of conventional Portland cement. When mixed with cement and the appropriate amount of water, it promotes the formation of crystalline structures during the cement hydration process. This results in roads with increased bearing ratios, neutralized pH levels, and water-resistant layers, significantly improving the quality and durability of the constructed roads.

  • What are the benefits of using HITEC road® in road construction?

    The use of HITEC road® in road construction offers several advantages. It can reduce construction time by up to 70%, leading to substantial cost savings. Roads built with HITEC road® exhibit enhanced quality and durability compared to conventionally constructed roads. Additionally, surfaces made with HITEC road® can be easily restored to their original state. The product is also environmentally friendly, capable of re-stabilizing and immobilizing contaminated soils, thereby aiding in the restoration of natural soil conditions.

  • How does HITEC road® compare to conventional cement stabilisation in terms of strength and hydration process?

    HITEC road® significantly outperforms conventional cement stabilisation in both strength and efficiency of the hydration process. With HITEC road®, a load capacity of over 150 MN/m2 is established just 2 days after the hydration process begins, compared to ≤150 MN/m2 after 28 days with conventional methods. The total hydration process with HITEC road® takes approximately 90 days, achieving a load capacity of ≥230 MN/m2 without the risk of cracking. This is due to the formation of long crystal needles during hydration, enabling very high bearing strengths.

  • What are the key advantages of using HITEC road® in terms of environmental impact and cost savings?

    HITEC road® offers several key advantages over traditional methods. It increases strength by 25% to 45%, enhances flexibility by 30% to 50%, and improves frost resistance by 25% to 40%. These improvements contribute to the overall durability and longevity of road surfaces. Additionally, it enables cost savings of over 30%, making it an economically viable choice. The ability to stabilize soils with high salt content and the resistance to problems caused by frost, thaw, or changes in conditions are significant environmental benefits. HITEC road® allows for the construction of water-resistant base courses even from in-situ soils, further emphasizing its environmental friendliness.

  • What types of soils can be stabilized using HITEC road®?

    HITEC road® is versatile in its application and can stabilize a wide range of soil types. It is effective on soils that include clay, sand, shale, and even oil shale. Additionally, it can stabilize single grain sands and soils with high organic matter content. Its unique formulation also allows for the stabilization of soils that are high in salt content, which is often a challenge with conventional stabilization methods.

  • Are there any limitations on the kind of soil that can be stabilized with HITEC road®?

    HITEC road® is designed to be highly adaptable and can stabilize a broad spectrum of soils. From the information provided, it appears that there are no specific limitations mentioned regarding soil types. Its efficacy in stabilizing diverse soil compositions, including those with challenging characteristics like high salt content or organic matter, demonstrates its robust applicability in a variety of construction and environmental contexts.

  • What are the benefits of the stabilized layers created using HITEC road® in terms of load bearing capacity and tensile strength?

    The stabilized layers created with HITEC road® exhibit a very high load bearing capacity, which is a direct result of the long needle-like crystals formed during the hydration process. This unique crystal structure significantly enhances the strength of the stabilized layer. Additionally, these layers possess high tensile strength, enabling them to effectively absorb vibrations from heavy trucks and equipment. This makes HITEC road® an ideal solution for constructing durable roads and surfaces that are subject to heavy traffic and mechanical loads.

  • How does the water impermeability of HITEC Road layers contribute to their strength and durability compared to traditional layers?

    HITEC Road layers are designed to be water impermeable, which is a critical feature contributing to their overall strength and durability. This impermeability prevents water penetration, a common issue in traditionally based layers where water ingress can lead to compaction failure. The hydration process of HITEC Road involves the formation of long needle-like crystals, which not only support heavy loads but also create a flexible base. This flexibility, combined with water impermeability, ensures high durability and maintains the structural integrity of the road or surface under various environmental conditions and heavy usage.

  • What are the advantages of using HITEC road® in terms of road surface quality and durability?

    The use of HITEC road® offers significant advantages in maintaining road surface quality and enhancing durability. One of the primary benefits is the substantial reduction, or even elimination, of potholes. This is a common issue in many roads that leads to frequent and costly repairs. Additionally, HITEC road® effectively prevents the formation of washboards, which are corrugations that can develop on gravel roads. The product’s frost-resistant properties also contribute to its overall durability, particularly in cold climates where frost can cause significant damage to road surfaces. Furthermore, the higher strength and increased flexibility of the base layer provided by HITEC road® help in avoiding structural failures, such as cracking in the asphalt layers. These attributes result in a more resilient road surface that requires less maintenance over time.

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