Construction of refineries

Construction of refineries, construction and maintenance of refineries and petrochemical plants

It is a vital sector in the oil and gas industry. These fields require expertise and special attention to safety and quality due to the significant risks associated with them.

Our partners specialize in the construction and operation of refineries, refining plants, and petrochemical facilities. We offer comprehensive design and construction services that encompass all aspects of the project, from planning to operation and maintenance.

These activities involve advanced technology and innovative materials to ensure production efficiency and compliance with environmental standards. We are committed to the highest safety standards in all aspects of our work and prioritize environmental conservation and compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Through our specialized and multidisciplinary team, we work to provide customized solutions that meet the needs of the industry and customers. We always aim to achieve sustainability and efficiency in this important field that plays a vital role in meeting the world’s fuel and chemical needs.

Drilling and installation of oil and gas pipelines

It is a vital process in the energy industry that requires expertise and attention to detail. Our company takes pride in offering specialized services in this field. We have a team of experienced experts who work diligently to ensure the drilling and installation processes are carried out to the highest standards of quality and safety.

We carefully study and analyze the project to ensure precise and appropriate planning for the pipelines. Additionally, we rely on the latest technologies and techniques in drilling and installation processes to guarantee project efficiency and sustainability.

ur team is committed to complying with environmental and safety standards, and we work closely with relevant authorities to ensure the necessary permits and compliance with laws and regulations.

In summary, we strive to provide the highest levels of quality and efficiency in the field of oil and gas pipeline drilling and installation, aiming to meet our customers’ needs and achieve their goals in the energy industry.

Site selection

Site selection: companies must determine the appropriate area for drilling and exploration, after conducting geological studies


Drilling is carried out using modern technologies, such as remote control and computers. The well is drilled to a certain depth so that it is near potential sources of oil and gas

Flow & evaluation

Flow and evaluation: once the correct level is reached, the geological model of the area is analyzed, and the flow process is carried out to test the bedrock and study the ability to flow oil or gas..


Maintenance: after production and warehouse emptying those parts are taken care of, providing regular maintenance cycles for the well