About Hitec Holdings

Innovation and Excellence in Infrastructure

Company introduction

Commitment, Innovation, and Responsibility

Hitec Holdings Investment Group, established in Kuwait, is an innovative company in the field of infrastructure construction and development, adhering to the latest technologies and global standards. The group is affiliated with the Dutch company Hitec Road, a leader in the construction and maintenance of roads and bridges.

Using the latest technologies that meet the highest quality standards in infrastructure construction worldwide, in addition to its leadership in roads, Hitec Road specializes in housing projects, applying its expertise in cementitious technologies to a wide range of residential and industrial applications, resulting in high-quality, weather-resistant, earthquake-resistant, and environmentally friendly buildings.

The company is also specialized in implementing large-scale electrical power projects, including the extension of high-voltage electrical networks for power stations, feeding control panels, industrial transmission lines, extending electricity to areas adjacent to roads and bridges, supplying wireless transmission towers and communication towers with power, and installing low and medium-voltage power lines to supply administrative buildings and data centers, meeting all electrical work needs.

Hitec Road has strong, long-term relationships and collaborations with major global companies in the field of infrastructure construction and development. The Portuguese company Eiffage is one of the leading companies in the construction and building sector, and it collaborates with Hitec Road as a major partner in executing large projects.

Additionally, the Portuguese company SMMTUBO is a major player in executing projects related to oil and gas pipelines and industries, water treatment plants, extending fresh water pipelines, and energy projects. These companies rely on their extensive technical expertise and vast human resources to execute these massive projects with high professionalism and on time

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Waleed A. Alshaijy

D.O.B.: June 30th , 1961
B.S.: Electronic Engineering May 1998 – AKRON University OHIO -U.S.A
ISO Certificate- Geneva
Senior Specialist Engineer
Enternational Quality Auditor
Leadership Category of the Council of Ministers
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Global Contracts for General Trading & Contracting


The vision of Hitec Holdings is to become the world’s leading company in the field of infrastructure and engineering by providing innovative and sustainable solutions that meet the needs of customers and improve the quality of life for the communities it serves. The company strives for excellence and innovation in all aspects of its work and aims to evolve and expand to meet market needs and achieve sustainable success.

Hitec Holdings is committed to actively contributing to the improvement of infrastructure for communities, achieving sustainable development, and fostering prosperity for all

Mission of the company

The mission of Hitec Holdings is to provide innovative and sustainable global-level engineering and infrastructure solutions, with a focus on enhancing the quality of life and developing communities. The company aims to excel in the field of infrastructure and engineering by developing and implementing integrated projects that meet customer needs and contribute to sustainable development. Hitech Holdings intends to remain at the forefront of the industry, emphasizing continuous improvement and innovation to deliver the best engineering solutions and achieve customer satisfaction. The company seeks to add value to communities and contribute to improving the quality of life through infrastructure and facility enhancements.

Our services

First service-project studies:

"We, at HITEC Holdings Investment Building, take pride in providing comprehensive project feasibility study services. We meticulously analyze and assess every detail of the project, benefiting from our extensive expertise in infrastructure. This service includes project design, cost estimation, risk analysis, and scheduling. Our goal is to deliver accurate project studies that fully meet the needs and expectations of our clients.

The second service - providing competence and experience:

At HITEC, we always prioritize efficiency and expertise. We rely on an outstanding team with extensive experience in infrastructure. Our team combines professionalism and dedication to deliver services at the highest levels of quality. We strive to develop and enhance infrastructure using the latest technologies and best practices to ensure success in every project we undertake

Business strategies

Business strategies Hitec holding building company

For Research and Development: We invest in research and development to create new technologies and solutions that meet the needs of future projects.

For Quality Control: We adhere to the highest standards of quality control to ensure the precise execution of our projects according to defined standards.

For Marketing and Global Expansion: We work diligently to promote our company and services, constantly seeking opportunities to expand in national and international markets. For Forward Thinking: We stay continuously informed about the latest trends and technologies in infrastructure construction to contribute to sustainable development and ongoing success.

This strategy forms the foundation of our work and contributes to achieving sustainable success and growth in the field of infrastructure construction and transportation development

Technological Innovation: Modern technology is at the core of HITEC. We constantly strive to employ the latest technologies in the design and execution of our projects to ensure the highest levels of efficiency and quality.

Competency Development: We heavily invest in the development and training of our workforce. This helps us execute our projects more effectively and deliver the best services to our clients.

Environmental Sustainability: We are committed to considering environmental factors in the design of our projects, aiming to provide eco-friendly solutions for both the environment and society.

Strategic Partnerships: We build strong collaborative relationships with our clients and relevant stakeholders, including governments, to support sustainable growth and guide new projects.

Services we offer


Residential and commercial city construction, as well as hospitals and hotels.


Innovative construction systems.


Building roads, bridges, tunnels, metro stations, railways, and train stations.


HITEC Highway - Impact Strategy.


Airport and airstrip construction.


Infrastructure construction and repair of sewage stations and projects, sewer networks, pumps, and all electrical installations and mechanical fittings.


Sand cleaning and soil treatment.


Construction of electrical power and renewable energy stations.


Refinery construction, refining stations, petrochemicals, and their maintenance.


Oil and gas pipeline digging and installation.


Construction of cooling warehouses, ports, and docks.


Development of waterfronts and tourist resorts on the Corniche.


Creation of a water city and construction of seaside resorts on islands.